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WV’s Medical Exemption needs Reform but not like THIS!

WV’s Medical Exemption needs Reform but not like THIS!

As thousands of West Virginians seek relief from the state’s oppressive compulsory vaccination law, a senator employed by the largest health system in the state sponsors SB 412, a bill which will make West Virginia’s vaccine law even MORE draconian. SB 412:

  • Adds yet another layer of bureaucracy at taxpayers’ expense to the medical exemption request process.
  • Creates an Immunization Appeals Oversight Board whose members are paid for their time, reimbursed for expenses, and shielded from being subpoenaed or held accountable for their decisions by being sued.
  • Blocks out-of-state specialists caring for vaccine-injured West Virginians (because there are not physicians in West Virginia with the expertise) from submitting medical exemption requests.
  • Revokes physicians’ authority regardless of the size of their practice from writing exemption requests if five have ever been denied.
  • Threatens physicians with penalties including action by their licensing board for writing five or more overturned exemptions.

This is a power grab by physician and health system elites to threaten the license of any West Virginia physician willing to write medical exemption requests.

West Virginia is already one of the worst states for children’s healthcare. This bill will make it EVEN WORSE. A vote for this bill is a vote against the health and safety of West Virginia children. At the ballot box, West Virginia parents will remember who votes for this bill.

Chanda Adkins

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