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West Virginians want protections from vaccine mandates!

West Virginians want protections from vaccine mandates!

The FDA has granted Emergency Use Authorization for the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines for children 6 months to 5 years old, and the CDC has recommended them. Parents already lack confidence in their COVID-19 vaccine recommendations (Figure). Despite ≥75% of children already protected from COVID-19 by natural immunity, the FDA, CDC, and Pharma still want to vaccinate them (Figure). This recommendation is not supported by the science for the following reasons:

· Children are at minimal risk from COVID-19 infection. Those under the age of 18 have a 99.995% survival rate and those without comorbidities having an even higher survival.

· The vaccine clinical trials for this age group were particularly poorly done. They were too small and too short to detect the risk of severe reactions like myocarditis and anaphylaxis, and long-term risks like infertility.

· Vaccine effectiveness was judged by antibody levels (not preventing actual infections), and the levels waned rapidly after two months.

The CDC and FDA are more interested in pushing COVID-19 vaccines than protecting our children’s health.

Please stand with West Virginia parents. Protect our children from vaccine mandates!

Chanda Adkins

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