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COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued

COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued

     Animal trials did not precede human trials and phases 2 and 3 were combined and rushed.

·         Research design did not answer key questions about transmission and whether vaccine prevented hospitalization and death.

·         Fact sheet to promote informed consent did not mention antibody-dependent immune enhancement risk and that vaccines not tested in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

·         Coercive payments to induce public and healthcare workers to get vaccines (Figure)

·         Compensation for vaccine injury almost impossible to get through understaffed program which pays less than 10% of claims and does not compensate for suffering and damage and lawyers’ fees.

·         Clinical trials did not address long-term safety or effectiveness—vaccines are FDA “unapproved.

·         Vaccine makers cannot be sued.

·         Vaccine hesitancy arises from a lack of trust.

Chanda Adkins

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