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45 states grant religious exemptions from compulsory vaccination

45 states grant religious exemptions from compulsory vaccination

·         45 states grant religious exemptions from compulsory vaccination; West Virginia does NOT (Figure).

·         West Virginia has the lowest vaccination exemption rate in the country (0.1%) (Figure).

·         The national average for vaccination exemptions is 25X higher at 2.5%.

·         West Virginia only accepts these contraindications to compulsory vaccination:
o   a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose of the vaccine
o   Encephalopathy within 7 days of a previous dose (DTaP).
o   Progressive neurologic disorder (DTaP)

·         THUS, children must be previously VACCINE INJURED to get a medical exemption regardless of medical condition or family history of severe vaccine reactions.

·         Children who can be predicted by their pediatrician to be at HIGH RISK from vaccination need to become VACCINE INJURED before they can get a medical exemption.

·         Parents report they CANNOT find a pediatrician in WV to write a medical exemption request regardless of the child’s risk of being vaccinated

·         Inability to get a religious or medical exemption is driving children AWAY from WV public schools.
o   since 2015 the number of homeschool students in the state has risen by 29% (3,220)
o   families are leaving the state

Chanda Adkins

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